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SITE Selector™ is more than just technology; rather our Technology Elevates Experience. The AI in our SITE Selector™ marketplace allows your team find your next site.


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Why Industry Clusters? SITE Selector™ you can choose to locate near customers, suppliers, or a workforce specializing in your industry. Or, if you’re concerned about protecting your intellectual property, you can choose to isolate yourself from your likely competitors Clusters also reduce the risk of relocation for employees, it can also be easier to attract talented people from other locations.

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Manhattan Office Supply Hits Record High With Skyscrapers Empty

There’s a record amount of office space available in Manhattan. With workers stuck at home, the office availability rate rose to 14.9% in January, the highest in data going back to 2000, according to a report by Colliers International. Leasing fell by nearly 47% from the same period last year. That came even as asking rents dipped for the seventh straight month to $73.65 a square foot on average, the lowest in almost three years.